Illustrator Ninni Kairisalo

This is the portfolio site of Helsinki based illustrator and graphic designer Ninni Kairisalo. Thanks for visiting! Scroll down to see more

Editorial illustration on journalists and espionage
Editorial illustrations for article series
Editorial illustration: "Feministi on aika..."
Book cover for "Toiste en suostu katoamaan"
Editorial illustrations for Journalisti magazine
Book cover for "Mikään ei todella katoa"
Editorial illustration: Grief
Editorial illustrations: "Huuhaa-media"
Editorial illustration: Small press and democracy
"War", magazine cover
"Nocturnes" vinyl back cover
Editorial illustrations: Workplace harassment
"Wheels". Ink drawing.
Sagor i Urval. Cover illustration.
"A Civilization Built on Sand". Illustration for essay.
Sagor i Urval. Storybook Illustrations.
Editorial: Wolf or Dog
Micronations. Editorial illustration.
Hidden in Plain Sight. Editorial illustration.
Cover illustration for "Kohti kaikkien kaupunkia!"
Editorial illustration "Vallankumousta lapioimassa"
Cult leaders and literature. Editorial illustration.
Helsinki Synth City Festival 2019
The Amplifier
Partners in Crime
Electra Complex. Image series for music album.
The Platform Economy - Editorial Illustration
The Wild Cards and Black Swans of Europe
"Elaine". Illustration for Ahab at Blowup festival.
Big Riffs & Slow Tempos, illustration and poster
The Daimon
Hard Candy
Cover for Korpisotaa
Academics on Duty. Editorial.
Violence. Editorial illustration.
Sports & Leisure: Croquet
Sports & Leisure: Hula Hooper
Back in the Closet
Sports & Leisure: Gone Fishing
The Frog Prince; or, The Iron Heinrich
The Love for Three Oranges
Languages of the world. Editorial/Cover illustration.
Sports & Politics. Editorial.
The Eleventh Hour. Editorial.
The Theatre of Politics / Editorial
Conan the Vegetarian. Editorial illustration.
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